Nos Partenaires

Nous sommes fiers de collaborer avec des partenaires exceptionnels. Ensemble, nous partageons notre expertise et notre passion pour offrir des solutions innovantes et relever des défis ambitieux. Découvrez comment ces partenariats enrichissent nos projets et soutiennent notre mission.

Your Digital Partner

We are proud to count Klanik among our strategic partners. Founded in 2011 by Johan Guedj, Klanik is an IT engineering consulting firm specializing in supporting digital and technological projects.

Klanik stands out with its “People Centric” model, embodied by the ACT’IN KLANIK program, which allows each employee to engage in cross-functional topics according to their passions and skills.

Klanik’s internal initiatives include:

  • PRACTICES: expert groups for all employees.
  • KONSCIOUS: a team dedicated to CSR policy.
  • KAMPUS: a technical training institute certified by Qualiopi.
  • KORNER: an incubator for tech start-ups.
  • KLANIK ESPORT: a professional esports club for employees.

Thanks to their expertise and commitment, Klanik actively contributes to the digital transformation of major national and international players.

Key Figures of Klanik

Partner of Champions

Tecnifibre, an iconic French brand in the fields of tennis, squash, and padel, has been a trusted partner since its inception over 45 years ago. Founded by Thierry Maissant and Hermano da Silva Ramos, Tecnifibre stands out for its commitment to supporting every player, regardless of their level.

Focused on innovation and performance, Tecnifibre is proud to support the most prestigious ATP/WTA tournaments and collaborate with the world’s best players to maximize their potential through exceptional products.

For the years to come, Tecnifibre continues its ambition to strengthen its position as a reference brand in the world of tennis, squash, and padel. As a partner, Tecnifibre offers a unique opportunity to grow within a dynamic company that values the personal and professional development of each individual.

Discover with Tecnifibre a rewarding and high-performance experience in the exciting world of racket sports.

Key Figures of Tecnifibre