You have a tennistic project, you want to progress,

we have a formula adapted to your needs !

Year-round training 

“Full Time” 

This structure is reserved for players with a «strong» project in professional tennis.
Spaces are limited and the enrollement is confirmed regarding your level and your ambitions. A selection is undertaken upon  a trial week.

“Group Avenir”

one-step-before “Full Time”

In collaboration with the partner club «ASLM Cannes» we offer year-round training supervised and organized by Elite Tennis Center.
This formula is proposed to young players who wish to train consistently and are willing to potentially playing on the professional tour and join the ETC program «Full Time».
Opportunities for weekly internships are also available.

Internships during the week

or monthly

You want to progress, follow professional training.
We offer you to a one-to-one guidance  with a high level coachingat different times in the year depending on our availabilities.
This formula is proposed to players with a French Second series level.